Market Trends and Home Sales Across London & St. Thomas in 2022

Tuesday Jan 31st, 2023


City of London: Well, we have just finished one of the most tumultuous years in Real Estate history in Canada, driven by rampant worldwide inflation increases, the war in Ukraine and Bank of Canada interest rate hikes virtually every month throughout the year. What has happened to your home value in the City of London? Let’s start by looking at the number of sales taking place each month to determine the impact of the interest rate increases from early 2022. The highest volume... [read more]

Your City of London Home Sales Report for July 2022

Sunday Aug 21st, 2022


We are now in one of the strangest housing markets ever experienced. Still experiencing the effects of Covid and coming off one of the highest spending years in Consumer history in 2021 we are now facing record inflation. Supply lines to the end user are still recovering their momentum and the Bank of Canada is pushing to 3.5% lending rates to the Big Banks and about to increase again.  Americans are not affected the same as Canadians as they have 30-year locked in mortgages.  We... [read more]



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